Metallic Epoxy Flooring

affordable metallic epoxy flooring services

If you have seen how beautiful metallic epoxy floors look then you may now want to explore the possibility of having them for your home or business. When you have concrete floors that are dull and boring then you may want to do something that makes them more attractive. Some people choose metallic flooring, while others prefer a metallic epoxy floor. They may like its appearance but also the fact that it offers your floors added protection against harmful chemicals. If you would like to learn more about this flooring option then contact our associates to consult with our associates.
Safety Benefits
If you operate a business then of course safe floors are of importance to you. We often install them in places where there is a lot of traffic or activity. The amount of light sources that you typically use can be reduced with metallic flooring installation. It looks slippery since it offers such sheen but additives are used in the epoxy mixture, which gives the flooring some traction. Since there is a reflection on metallic flooring, things on it can be seen easier. If you want to avoid injuries and lawsuits then consider having metallic flooring installed.
High-Performance Flooring
Metallic flooring is considered high-performance. It has a strong base, which is why we often apply it to industrial facilities. Its weight tolerance can withstand 25,000 PIS, which protects against heavy objects. If you have an area of your facility where heavy vehicles and equipment cross the floors, having metallic flooring will help protect your flooring. With the metallic floorings protective properties, it is clear why so many choose to have it installed. It helps prevent them from the need to have new flooring installed due to damages with the protective coating applied on top of them.
Customizable Flooring
With the increase in interest in metallic flooring, a variety of techniques have been created to apply it to flooring. You may now know what the various benefits are but you may not know that metallic flooring is customizable. Just because it has metallic pigments doesn’t mean that we are limited to what we can do with this type of technique. We can make your flooring appear to look like clouds, the ocean, and even fire. Your metallic flooring can be customized so that it doesn’t look like anyone else’s flooring. Call for metallic flooring ideas.
Why Hire Wilmington Epoxy Experts
You can have your metallic flooring installed by any flooring contractor but why not rely on the most experienced and reputable flooring contractors from Wilmington Epoxy Experts handle the job for you. We offer you your money’s worth no matter the complexity of the job. We can offer you a one-of-a-kind metallic flooring system that can’t be duplicated. If you are a company, consider having your company logo included in your metallic flooring. This is sure to make your company stand out! If you want to be sure that the work is done right then turn to us for your metallic flooring installation.