Garage Floor Epoxy

affordable garage floor epoxy

Epoxy flooring doesn’t just look good but it protects your floors. This is why you will often see it installed in garages and industrial areas where there is heavy equipment. If you’re interested in having epoxy flooring installed in your garage then give us a call at Wilmington Epoxy Experts. Epoxy is a resin that is used as a top coat to be applied directly on top of your floor. It is mixed with part resin and part polyamine hardener to create the right epoxy mix. The added hardener is what makes an epoxy floor so durable and gives it added strength.
Achieving the Look
Although an epoxy floor looks slippery, it is not. It is not left to dry either; it cures. The polymer structure is how the curing process occurs. It is also what contributes to the strength of the flooring. An epoxy coating provides your floors with a sleek, clean finish that is often brighter and more resilient than paint. Only a qualified professional flooring contractor should apply the coating to ensure the work is done correctly. It doesn’t matter the extent of your service needs, we have the talent needed to effectively perform the job.
Benefits of Epoxy Flooring
Not only is epoxy flooring attractive, but it is also very strong. It gives any floor that it is applied to, instant attraction. This type of flooring is very important if you work in areas where things come in contact with the flooring, such as a garage. Epoxy flooring is great for protecting the floors since it is one of the most resilient types of flooring that we install. Even the weight of the vehicles in your garage can cause damages to your flooring. Epoxy flooring can help your floors remain in good condition for a lot longer due to its strength.
Hiring a Qualified Flooring Contractor
Installing epoxy flooring is not a DIY job that just anyone should do. The only person who should perform a DIY job is a flooring contractor who wants to apply it to his floors. However, when you want the best outcome possible then we suggest that you rely on a qualified flooring contractor to handle the installation of your epoxy floors. They have the skills and the know-how to properly mix the components of the epoxy mixture and apply it to your floors. Rely on a qualified flooring contractor and receive the best epoxy flooring possible.
Quality Epoxy Flooring
At Wilmington Epoxy Experts, we are known for many things and the quality of flooring that we offer to those who hire us is just one of them. When you want to be sure that your money will be well spent then do yourself a favor by relying on us for your epoxy garage flooring installation needs. Our product is sourced from reputable suppliers, which assures us of providing our customers with the best quality of service. We are so confident in our ability to offer superior epoxy flooring that we guarantee your satisfaction.