Concrete Coatings

reliable concrete coatings services

Like epoxy, the concrete coating is also something that adds durability to your floors. It can withstand heavy objects coming in contact with it and can withstand heavy traffic, moisture, chemical contact, and abrasions. You could simply have a paint applied over the top of your concrete but it wouldn’t offer the same advantages of a concrete coating. At Wilmington Epoxy Experts we can apply a covering concrete. Allow us to help you to protect your flooring by applying a coating or resurfacing your concrete flooring. Our coatings can also make your plan concrete floors look more attractive and helps prevent scratches, and adds luster to your dull floors.
Garage Flooring
Although we have plenty of customers who request epoxy flooring, we have just as many who request a concrete coating, as they offer very similar benefits. If your garage is used for other things then you might appreciate having an attractive coating on your floors. Perhaps you have a home gym or a man-cave and you want to spruce up its appearance, may we recommend a concrete covering? There are a variety of design options for you to choose from that we are sure you’ll find to your liking.
Affordable Concrete Covering
Many of our customers are happy to find out just how affordable concrete coverings for his or her floors can be. We aren’t saying that this is the case wherever you go but we can tell you that when you rely on Wilmington Epoxy Experts for your concrete covering services, we’ll work with your budget to provide you with the most affordable concrete flooring possible. When you have tried other flooring companies in Wilmington but none of them are offering you what you want at a price that you can afford; contact us.
Why Hire a Flooring Contractor
If you’re thinking of having concrete covering applied to your concrete floors then it’s in your best interest to hire a flooring contractor with experience applying this type of covering. Despite the many DIY videos that you’ll find online, they don’t always tell you everything that you need to know. In some cases, they deliberately tell you just enough so that you can’t finish and you’ll have to call a service that they recommend. However, we recommend that you hire our flooring contractors from the beginning to ensure that you receive the concrete covering that is done right.
Reliable and Efficient
Wilmington Epoxy Experts is a reliable and efficient flooring company. These are some of the characteristics of our company that keep customers coming back and recommending our services. When you hire us to apply a concrete coating to your floors, you can expect to receive reliable services from an experienced concrete flooring contractor. Our contractors are vetted and prove efficient in all that they do. We take our time to ensure that the work that we have been hired to do is done right the first time. You are assured of getting your money’s worth when allowing us to apply your concrete coating.